Loans and loans at 15 years or 180 months or up to 180 installments

Loans up to 180 installments or 15 years:

are they possible, what are they, who makes them? Before answering the aforementioned questions, let’s ask ourselves why make a 180-month loan? We believe that the answer is simple to formulate: the reason why we look for 15-year loans is to find a balance between having a lower installment, but at the same time, without having to give up the amount we need. The important thing however is to know, to be aware of the following information: the 15-year loan will entail an even greater disbursement in terms of interest expense than the usual ten-year period. Having said that, let’s see with what type of financial product it is possible to reach 15 years of payment by installments. Let’s start by excluding one of them: transfer of the fifth 15 years ? No! The law does not allow a transfer of the fifth 180 months which, at best, reaches a maximum of ten years.

Loans up to 180 installments:

Loans up to 180 installments:

what are they? The only form that allows us to disburse liquidity for up to 180 months is personal loans to which we refer those who want to have general information. However, 15-year loans present, let’s say, a problem: they are niche loans, that is, it is not that you go to any bank or financial institution and they all make you the loan in 180 installments. In fact, very few banks provide this type of financing. Because? Maybe, but it’s just a maybe, because they escape the consumer credit legislation that protects us consumers and is applicable to common personal loans for up to ten years. To learn more about this, see for example loans up to 75 thousand dollars… It may be for this, but what is sure that there are very few institutions that make loans at fifteen years. Before indicating which they are, follow the latest clarifications.

Are there twenty year personal loans?

Are there twenty year personal loans?

No! The only way to have liquidity (cash money) to pay in such a long period is to take out a particular type of mortgage that we have already dealt with on loans of up to 240 months or 20 years and for which, however, we anticipate that you need real estate to mortgage.

30-year loans? Well, if it is not possible for twenty, let alone loans for 30 years: even for these, and even more so, it is worth taking out a mortgage loan for liquidity. Now let’s move on to those few credit institutions that provide 180-month loans.
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Astro Finance private plus unsecured loan:

well, as promised, it reaches 15 years, it is at a fixed rate but has the particularity that it cannot be requested under 75,000 dollars. Because? Well, we reconnect to what has been said above: because above the above sum, the law protecting Us Users does not apply. For all the rest, view their pdf information sheet on Astro Finance loan

For Lite Lender exclusive loan: this, in addition to reaching 180 months, gives the possibility to choose between a fixed or variable rate, however, likewise that of Astro Finance, it starts from a minimum of 75,000 dollars (and up to 300,000 dollars) for because of the reasons already explained.

Best Bank common good: needless to say, it reaches 15 years of age but, unlike the previous ones, it is more flexible as it can be requested for amounts lower than those mentioned above.

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