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Backed by renowned designer and innovator Tony Fadell and his investment and advisory firm Future Shape, Aectual is reinventing interior design; Aectual’s latest collection of customizable and eco-friendly home furnishings, made in partnership with Tetra Pak, will be showcased at Milan Design Week

MILAN and AMSTERDAM, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Aectual, a pioneer in bespoke XL 3D printed architectural and interior products, today launched a series of interior design products made entirely from fully circular recycled beverage cartons. The collection of 3D printed screens and stools is part of a larger catalog of customizable and eco-friendly interior items made in partnership with Tetra Pak. Backed by Shape, the investment and advisory firm led by Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod and founder of Nest, Aectual’s new products are being launched for the first time at Milan Design Week. Watch a short video of the collection here.

Aectual offers a new way to tackle an old problem: approximately 40% of the materials used in the global construction industry end up as waste. Rather, Aectual’s interior items are part of a circular ecosystem with its partner Tetra Pak. The material can be recycled back into the system after use, making it “fully circular”, even after multiple cycles. After use, the products are shredded and reprinted into new products.

A selection of stools, room dividers and planter screens are on display in Milano. They are part of a larger “Aectual Drink Carton” concept line that demonstrates the material’s second life value for work, living and leisure environments. The matte, almost ceramic tactility of the material is particularly striking and is enhanced by the addition of warm earth tones. The ecosystem built by the partners Polymers (recycling of materials) Chemistry (compounding) Pak ( food packaging/solutions), and (3D printed interior products) facilitates a fully circular material loop for beverage cartons.

“Nearly 200 billion beverage cartons are used each year. The carton can be recycled, along with the inner layer made of a polymer-aluminum blend called PolyAl,” said Hans Vermeulen, CEO and co-founder of Aectual. “PolyAl is available on a large scale and we are now able to create beautiful furniture and finishes with it. Tony’s investment and support demonstrates how our mission to create new and beautiful products from old and updated materials is. scrap resonates. We are grateful for their support, especially given their experience and track record of bringing world-changing technology to the public.”

Aectual also offers customizable systems, such as floors, wall panels and blinds, in addition to interior products such as stools, screens, acoustic wall pieces and planters. Products are developed digitally, so the portfolio of systems and objects – as well as the opportunities for designers – is growing rapidly. As a result, Aectual offers architects and designers a new way to configure and create in a fast, waste-free manner and expands the possibilities for sustainable aesthetic design.

“We like custom architecture, but it’s usually slow, expensive, and can generate a lot of garbage,” said Tony Fadell, Director at Future Shape. “Aectual’s proven technology enables designers and architects to develop unique interior objects and finishes in weeks, using fully recyclable materials. This technology takes the circularity and sustainability of interior design to a new level. any other level.”

Aectual’s work has been embraced by world-class design firms such as Patricia Urquiola Studio and Zaha Hadid Architects, as well as clients such as Nike, Disney and BMW. Additionally, Aectual’s partner Tetra Pak has committed to furnishing its offices with Aectual’s furniture and interior finishes.

Discover Aectual products at Masterly Milano at Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7 during Milan Design Week from June 7 – 12check out the Aectual product manual and/or learn how to create your own design now at

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Aectual is the world’s first platform to rapidly produce bespoke, industrial-scale, fully circular 3D printed XL architectural and interior products. We develop sustainably 3D printed products and systems such as flooring, planters, room dividers, wall panels and more, all made from 100% recycled and renewable materials. Our seamless digital design-to-delivery platform utilizes customizable parametric products, software, and exclusive XL 3D printing technology, and is already used and deployed by globally recognized brands such as Nike, Aerospace International ‘Amsterdam Schiphol and BMW. Aectual enables a 10x faster design-to-build process, eliminates waste and reduces material usage and CO2 emissions, resulting in up to 50% cost savings and the ability to create architectural and of truly sustainable and bespoke interior design.

Founded in 2017, Aectual is the brainchild of three veteran architects and 3D printing experts, who are the team behind Print Canal House, a internationally acclaimed design and build research project focused on new holistic housing solutions and market explorations. Based at amsterdamAectual is a private company supported by by Tony Fadell Future Shape, and Like us on, follow us on, and, or learn more at https://www.aectual.com

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