Amazon, Apple at the top of the ranking of the most valued brands in the world


Economic optimism is pushing brand values ​​to new heights.

The world’s most valued brands have experienced record growth, according to the Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2021 ranking. Amazon maintained its position as the most valued brand, increasing its brand value by 64% to $ 684 billion. (See the end of the article for a list of the 10 Most Valuable Brands.)

Apple ranked second, with a brand value of $ 612 billion, up 74% from 2020. Tesla ranked as the fastest growing brand (and the fastest growing car brand). valued) increasing its value by 275% year-on-year to $ 42.6 billion. In total, American brands represented 56 of the top 100 brands in the report.

The total brand value of the Top 100 Valuable Brands grew by 42% to $ 7.1 trillion, which is equivalent to the combined GDP of France and Germany. The increase, more than four times the average annual percentage increase in the study over the past 15 years, is due to confidence stemming from vaccine availability, economic stimulus packages and improved health outcomes. GDP outlook, according to Kantar.

Below are other highlights from the study.
• American brands experienced the fastest growth in 2021, with their brand values ​​increasing an average of 46% year-over-year, meaning that the United States now accounts for 74% of the total value of the Top 100, even though they only represent 24% of world GDP.

• Technology dominates the top of the Kantar BrandZ rankings, with seven of the top ten brands coming from the technology sector. Technology has also enabled non-tech brands to achieve significant growth, for example Gucci – harnessing the power of TikTok during the pandemic, and Domino’s – leveraging online and delivery services.

• China has consolidated its lead over Europe. Chinese brands have gone from 11% of the value of the Top 100 in 2011 to 14% today. European brands, on the other hand, now represent 8% of the value of the ranking compared to 20% in 2011.

“2020-1 has been a banner year for brand growth, and despite a difficult year for many, our research has again proven that strong brands deliver superior returns for shareholders, are more resilient, and recover faster.” , said Nathalie Burdet, CMO of Kantar. . “With global e-commerce growing from 12% to 15% of all sales in 2020, it has been a positive year for brands involved in this value chain – from retailers to couriers like FedEx and UPS. However, we have also seen growth in areas where many anticipated challenges at the start of the pandemic. Clothing brands, for example, have collectively grown even more than media and entertainment brands in the rankings, and luxury brands, despite reduced travel and blockages around the world, have refocused their energies and saved growth accordingly. “

Here is the Kantar BrandZ Top 10 ranking of the world’s most valuable brands 2021.

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Amazon(Up 64% compared to 2020)

$ 683,852



Apple(up to 74)

$ 611,997



Google(Up 42%)

$ 457,998



Microsoft(Up 26%)

$ 410,271



Tencent(up to 60%)

$ 240,931



Facebook(up 54%)

$ 226,744



Ali Baba(Up 29%)

$ 196,912



Visa(Up 2%)

$ 191,285



Mcdonalds(Up to 20%

$ 154,921



MasterCard(Up 4%)

$ 112,876


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