Amazon delivery boy tries to scare off bug and accidentally throws package on house roof (timing is on record)


A man was surprised by a message from a delivery man Amazon after accidentally throwing his package on the roof of his client’s house while trying to scare off an insect.

The images captured by the doorbell camera they show the moment when the delivery man walks towards the door carrying several packages in one hand and a scanner in the other.

As he approaches the door, an insect approaches his head and the Amazonian worker tries to push him away with one hand and then the other, when one of the packages he was carrying gets up while flying and lands on the roof of the house.

Not knowing what to do, the delivery man decides to send a message to the customer: “Hello, I am your Amazon delivery man. It sounds crazybut I accidentally threw a bundle on your roof. Do you have a ladder that I can use? “

Upon seeing the message, the customer decided to upload the video to TikTok in order to track down the delivery guy and let him know that he had successfully uploaded the package. Soon after, the footage went viral on the platform until Amazon’s own company wrote to the client seeking permission to use the video on their social media, but the owner said he would only allow it if the company did. send into space with his wife.

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