Constantia Flexibles combines recycling and performance at FachPack

Consumers and businesses are placing more emphasis on environmentally friendly packaging. At Constantia Flexibles, sustainability has long been a key guiding principle: through continuous investment in research and development, the packaging company is launching new sustainable product lines. At FachPack 2022 from September 27 to 29 in Nuremberg, Constantia Flexibles will present its new packaging innovations as well as long-established product lines.

Rising material prices and bottlenecks, as well as growing expectations for sustainability, are causing major challenges for producers and packaging manufacturers. Intensive research and development is therefore more important than ever. “Our research and development investments are focused on producing packaging that complies with the principles of the circular economy. In this way, we not only guarantee customized but also recyclable packaging solutions, helping our customers to bring more sustainable products and innovations to market,” says Pim. Vervaat, CEO of Constantia Flexibles. “We are particularly proud of our new sustainable innovations, such as the Pharma Division’s CompresSeal Solution or PERPETUA ALTA, with which we promote a more sustainable future.”

EcoPressoLid: the compostable capsule sleeve
Constantia Flexibles’ EcoPressoLid capsule liner enables more sustainable coffee consumption: it’s compostable, bio-based and perfect for sealing the top and bottom of compostable coffee capsules. The EN13432 certified material was awarded “OK Compost Industrial” by TÜV Austria in 2022. Its high oxygen barrier and good performance during the brewing process make it a durable and high-performance packaging solution.

ComresSeal: lighter packaging for sustainability
Together with the Dutch film manufacturer Plasthill BV, Constantia Flexibles has developed the ComresSeal technology, based on a new type of micro-embossing technology. The innovative embossing pattern reduces the weight of polyolefin sealing films by up to 30%, while maintaining the thickness of the packaging. This considerably reduces the CO2 footprint of packaging and the consumption of raw materials.

PERPETUA ALTA: Recyclable solution with high chemical resistance
The Pharma Division of Constantia Flexibles also worked at full speed in research and development and launched a brand new innovation this year. The recyclable mono-material solution based on polypropylene (PP) PERPETUA ALTA has a high chemical resistance to pharmaceutical products. Its unique selling point is the combination of durability and strength, but also its reduced weight and superior efficiency. Compared to conventional laminates, it combines these properties with optimum protection against oxygen, water vapor and light.

In addition to these product innovations, Constantia Flexibles will also present its historical product lines at FachPack 2022, such as the more sustainable packaging line Ecolutions. Composed of the recyclable product families EcoLam (mono PE laminate), EcoVer (mono PP laminate), EcoPaper (paper solutions) and EcoPeelCover (aluminum-based closure solution), the product range reduces environmental impact while maintaining packaging performance.


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