Industry is invited to support Print Against War in Ukraine


By Wayne Robinson | May 11, 2022

A new initiative, Print Against War, is calling on printers and converters, publishers, influencers and suppliers from across the printing and packaging industry to join forces in support of their colleagues in Ukraine during this incredibly difficult time.

War in Ukraine: world printers urged to help Ukrainian printers

The program is open to offers of assistance from vendors, printers and any other member of the printing community. To encourage fundraising from a broad user base, Print Against War is offering online printing and packaging businesses the option of adding a voluntary donation option to their online stores. This will allow a broad base of designers, agencies, print service providers and individuals from around the world to contribute.

In addition, you can make direct donations or offer other forms of material assistance (for example to provide consumables or paper to Ukrainian printers for free or at special prices).

Print Against War is also working to create alliances between printers in the European Union and those in Ukraine so that the former can share jobs with the latter, making their survival possible.

The organization says the Russian invasion of Ukraine “triggered a catastrophic humanitarian crisis with lives lost and thrown into turmoil, property and infrastructure destroyed and millions of livelihoods threatened every day. It is our duty as human beings to provide support and assistance as best we can to Ukrainian citizens in their most difficult times. »

Marcus Timson, co-founder of Future Print, said, “We encourage everyone in the print industry, everywhere, to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine rebuild their businesses and support this fantastic initiative.

Alon Bar-Shany, Chairman of Highcon and former CEO of HP Indigo said, “Because in the end, the war is over. And life returns. As a printing industry, I think we want to help our colleagues.

Print Against War, a non-profit initiative of the Meaningful Print Foundation, will help Ukrainian printing and packaging companies to continue operating or provide support when they can start production again.

The Meaningful Print Foundation is implementing an enforcement system to make resource allocation transparent. Through its supervisory board, it will assess the eligibility of the candidate and the quality of the projects to be supported on a case-by-case basis. All funded projects will be made visible.

Together, Print Against War and the Meaningful Print Foundation are designed to mobilize the global printing and packaging industry to help stakeholders respond to wars, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics and to other damaging and disruptive events.

In addition, the Meaningful Print Foundation will work on long-term projects that enable the printing industry to have a positive impact on the planet by addressing gender equality, carbon neutralization, sustainable manufacturing, l education of students in need and the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce.


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