Meijer cancels orders after Thanksgiving Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Restock


Some Thanksgiving was wasted after many gamers received their Halo Infinite Xbox Series X orders from Meijer’s latest restock.

Even after a year of launch, current generation consoles are still scarce.

It’s the holiday season already, but retailers are still doing what they can to keep up with the demand.

Meijer is no exception to this claim.

The supermarket chain organized a Halo Infinite Thanksgiving In-Store Pickup and Xbox Series X Standard Restock.

Unfortunately, this drop did not have a happy ending for many unlucky players.

Meijer Xbox Series X Thanksgiving replenishment cancellations

Customers complain about Meijer’s cancellation of Halo Infinite Xbox Series X orders

Meijer had a Thanksgiving Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock which resulted in many canceled orders.

The unhappy players have expressed their dissatisfaction with this situation. According to many of them, there is a common denominator to this question.

Since this was a pickup event, many were told at the store that the replenishment was oversold.

In addition, according to reports, Meijer told some customers that this was due to technical issues.

Meijer reported a delay in bringing the replenishment online.

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Sadly, many went to their local stores to find Meijer had canceled their order.

In the case of this particular player, he at least got a little compensation for the disappointment.

History kept repeating itself and disappointment tweets piled up.

Some players were already preparing to get their consoles when the cancellation message popped up.

The frustration was so immense for some clients that they even recounted the whole experience chronologically.

Shortly after orders began, customers received the unfortunate cancellation call.

Unfortunately, the story was the same over and over again for many players.

Unfortunately, this event isn’t limited to Meijer and his Thanksgiving Halo Infinite Xbox Series X replenishment.

Recently Walmart canceled PS5 and Xbox Series X orders after its Black Friday event.

A similar situation also occurred when GameStop and Microsoft Store have canceled several Halo Infinite Xbox Series X orders.

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