Netflix Orders Horizon Zero Dawn Show, God Of War From Amazon

Kratos from God of War, Alloy from Horizon and a red car combined into one image.

Image: Playstation / Kotaku

During a business briefing earlier today, Sony confirmed that it was working with Netflix and Amazon Prime to create TV shows based on God of the war and Horizon. The company also confirmed a Gran Turismo show was in development. These shows join the growing list of video game TV shows that have been announced or confirmed to exist, as Hollywood and streaming platforms continue to raid more franchises for future blockbusters and hit shows.

As reported by VGC, and spotted by Benji-Sales on Twitter, during a Q&A session at Sony’s business briefing today, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra confirmed that the company is working on three different TV shows based on popular PlayStation franchises. . According to Vinciquerra, Amazon has bought the streaming rights from a God of the war series, Netflix has landed the TV rights to Horizonand a show based on Sony’s racing series, Gran Turismois also coming but does not yet have a streaming home.

We already knew the God of the war TV showas Deadline reported on its existence and Amazon’s involvement in March. But now it has been officially confirmed by Sony and PlayStation.

For those looking for more details, well… there isn’t much else to share at this time. We can assume the new God of the war the show is based on recent games and maybe these will all be live shows, but that’s just speculation. For some reason part of my brain thinks the Gran Turismo the show could be a reality show about people racing cars and making money to get better cars and win cups. But as of now, we have no idea what those shows will be.

Kotaku contacted Sony about these upcoming shows.

These three shows are added to the growing list of upcoming and confirmed video game TV show adaptations. Other upcoming video game shows include a Spinoff of Knucklesa Burst cell tv show, the netflix resident Evil seriesa twisted metal peacock showa Mass Effect show scheduled for Amazon, and many more. And the Halo The TV series has just finished its first season.. Oh and don’t forget that HBO is doing a The last of us the series too.

Will video game TV series have a better track record than video game movies? I hope. It would be hard to do worse, really.


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