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Tray sealing and packaging specialist Proseal will present two of its latest machine developments at Fruit Attraction in Madrid next month,

exhibitor both on the stand of the parent company JBT (hall 3, stand D12) and on the stand of its Spanish distributor Haratek (hall 10, stand F12).

Proseal will showcase its improved GTR semi-automatic tray sealing machine and the recently launched CP3 â„¢ high-speed fully automatic case packing system, which will be combined with the proven GT2 high-speed tray sealing machine.

The Proseal GTR now incorporates a new user-friendly HMI screen for even easier machine setup and operation, with step-by-step prompts, error and status displays, and a batch counter to monitor production. Featuring an automatic film feed and a high precision tool alignment system, the GTR is ideal for small business and new product development and has the flexibility to handle various alternative tray formats in currently introduced plastic, while providing a super efficient gas flushing option for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

An important advantage of the GTR over traditional semi-automatic machines, where the operator has to wait for each tray to be sealed, is that its robust rotary operation means that new trays can be loaded while the previous trays are sealed. This provides higher sealing speeds of up to 30 packs per minute.

The Proseal CP3 case packing machine has been developed to perfectly complement the Proseal tray sealing range. It combines efficient energy consumption and a small footprint with the ability to fill crates up to 120 packs per minute. Key to this exceptional performance is Proseal’s proven ProMotion â„¢ tray feeding system, which maximizes throughput by using tracking motion and intelligent buffering technology to effectively control the flow of trays, allowing them to ” continuously feed the case packer without stopping.

The CP3 can handle a wide variety of packaging formats including, but not limited to, trays, jars, sandwich wrappers, bottles and bags. Proseal’s Auto-tool technology allows quick and easy format changes.

Another important design consideration of the CP machine is that it uses many of the components found on GT tray sealers because, where possible, Proseal has deployed common GT parts to reduce cost of ownership. In addition, the HMI operator screen has the same touch and feel as the GT range.

This efficient and common storage of spare parts is an important factor for companies considering venturing into this next phase of automation. This can be enhanced by the recent addition to the JBT family, AutoCoding Systems, which offers label verification and inspection systems, automated line control and configuration, to reduce the risk of expensive product recalls while by integrating seamlessly with existing ERP or planning systems.

The Proseal CP3 is featured with Proseal’s high speed GT2s tray sealer, demonstrating the company’s ability to provide a complete primary and transit packaging solution. The GT2s offers a compact, space-saving design and quick tool changes, while delivering a top speed of up to 120 atmospheric packs per minute. Among its many advanced and user-friendly features, Proseal’s unique Eseal® technology guarantees excellent seal reliability that meets the stringent quality requirements of the food distribution industry, while providing effective product protection that extends shelf life. and helps minimize food waste.

Proseal is part of the JBT Corporation family, one of the world’s leading providers of technology solutions for high value-added segments of the food processing industry, committed to providing service that exceeds customer expectations.

JBT will be showcasing a number of its fresh produce solutions in Hall 3, Booth D12, such as fresh produce and catering, packaging and labeling, and post-harvest products and solutions.

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