Singapore to ‘makeover’ schedule for beverage container return program following feedback: Amy Khor


It comes as Singapore prepares to roll out a beverage container return scheme, paving the way for a national framework that will make companies responsible for taking back, recycling and disposing of packaging.

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program for packaging aims to increase recycling rates for packaging waste, which currently accounts for around a third of household waste in Singapore, and reduce the amount sent to landfill.

This will be the second waste stream for which such a strategy will be implemented. Last year, the EPR framework for e-waste came into effect, making producers, importers and retailers of electrical and electronic equipment responsible for the collection and proper handling of e-waste.

According to the National Environment Agency’s latest waste report, only 6% of Singapore’s plastic waste – including plastic packaging – was recycled last year, with the rest burned in recovery plants. energy from waste.

But the wheels are in motion to reduce Singapore’s mountain of packaging waste.

Companies are now required to declare the quantity of packaging they use. Under the Mandatory Packaging Reporting Scheme, producers of packaged goods with an annual gross revenue of more than S$10 million are required to submit reports. This includes manufacturers, importers, brand owners as well as retailers such as supermarkets.

The reports include information on the type and amount of packaging companies use for their products in Singapore, and plans to reduce, reuse or recycle it.

The annual reports will lay the foundations for the REP system which will be implemented no later than 2025.


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