Single-use plastic banned from July 1, know which items will be banned


If you spend 10 rupees during summer days and drink fruit, Mazaa, Real or any other juice drink, then in the next few days it will stop appearing in stores. Or maybe their prices will go up. We say this because single-use plastic is going to be banned from July 1, 2022 nationwide. Until now, the plastic spoons, bowls, cups and glasses we use from straws will all be banned. And in such a situation, the soft drink companies started worrying about raising the price of the Rs 10 pack or shutting it down. You should know that many soft drink and juice companies in the country are selling Treta packs for a price of only Rs 10 and along with them people also get a straw to drink juice from. However, now single-use plastic, including straws, will be banned.

In such a situation, there is no suitable option in front of the companies. One option is paper straw, but it is not made on a large scale in India. For this reason, companies also have problems. On the other hand, one of the reasons for companies’ problems is that if they import paper straws from Indonesia, China and Malaysia, it will increase their cost. In this case, the companies fear that the price of these Treta packs will have to be increased by more than 10 rupees or this pack will have to be discontinued. In fact, companies claim that if they import paper straws, their cost will increase by 278%.

While adding starch-based compostable straws will increase the cost by 259%. Some companies have asked the government to extend this ban for 6 months. In fact, he says that the plastic ban will have a detrimental effect on the operations of the FMCG industry. Next, we support the government banning the use of plastic straws. In such a situation, postponing it, for the time being, will help the packaging companies to create an appropriate infrastructure for manufacturing paper straws domestically. However, according to one estimate, the country’s renowned companies together sell six billion juice boxes with plastic straws in the country every year. About 60% of the companies’ juice sales come from the sale of these small packets.

What items will be prohibited – Once used, plastic is considered very harmful to the environment. And these plastic products harm the environment for a long time. In view of this loss, in August 2021, the Union Environment Minister issued a notification regarding the ban. And it was asked to ban all these items from July 1st. A notice has been issued by the CPCB to all parties concerned. In fact, it is said that by June 30, all preparations for the banning of these items should be complete.

From July 1, there are headphones with plastic sticks, balloon sticks, plastic flags, candy sticks, ice cream sticks, thermocol used in decorations, etc. It also includes cutlery items like plastic cups, plates, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, straws, trays, plastics to put on candy boxes, plastic invitation letters, plastic streamers, PVC with a thickness of less than 100 microns, etc. The CPCB notice warned offenders against rigor. In fact, this includes actions such as sealing products, imposing penalties for environmental damage, and shutting down industry rooted in their production. On the other hand, environmental experts claim that single-use plastic is neither easily destroyed nor recycled. Not only that, but secondly, the nanoparticles of this plastic dissolve and pollute water and land.

Third, they not only harm aquatic organisms, but are also the cause of clogging of drains. Apart from this, the CPCB also requested to prohibit the production, distribution, sale and use of these items to all products, dealers, traders, e-commerce companies, street vendors, malls, markets , shopping centers, cinemas, tourist places. , schools, colleges, office complexes, hospitals and other institutions and the general public. Indeed, they have been asked to ensure that their stock is exhausted by June 30 so that the ban can be fully implemented from July 1. The Ministry of the Environment had issued a notification in August 2021 banning the use of single-use plastic. After that, all single-use plastics will be banned in the country from July 1, 2022.

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