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Have your bread-baking efforts during lockdown been lackluster?

While your friends and family were posing on Zoom calls with puffy sourdoughs and banana breads, were you embarrassed to be part of the show-and-tell?

The Baker’s Cousin, based in Mistley, is hoping to help. Owned by EDME, which has been producing flour and malt products in the village for over 140 years, the fun brand has launched a range of six bread mixes, designed so you can make bakery-worthy breads in your kitchen. .

“You can have fun with the dough,” says Mark Hodson, head kneader at The Baker’s Cousin, “and then taste the fresh, nutritious bread straight out of the oven. With one of The Baker’s Cousin bread mixes in your hands (or a bread maker) and using the simple instructions, you’ll create awesome breads right from the start. You don’t have to do much to complete the challenge – just give it a “dough”.

“Puns aside, the fact that your house is filled with fabulous aromas once your breads are in the oven is an added bonus to the quality of the fresh, homemade bread.”

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The range, which includes dark or light rye, ancient grains, onion focaccia, seeds and whole wheat, comes in a 1 kg resealable package, enriched with EDME malt, which provides a delicious flavor. and healthy. Each package will make two loaves of bread.

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Our verdict

We were sent the entire line of Baker’s Cousin bread mixes to try. Initially, as avid bakers, we wondered why we bother with a mix. After all, you have to add your own yeast.

But once we had kneaded, cooked and tasted, we were sold.

A precise blend of grains, malt and natural additives has been blended into the flour for you. We found the dough to come together well without needing a lot of extra flour to knead, and rise slightly better than our usual homemade bread.

The black rye and seed breads in particular were fantastic. They came out of the oven with a light but tasty crust and a rich crumb inside – that last a day or two longer for sandwiches and toast than anything we’ve done before.

Oh, and they were good too.

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