The Business Toolkit Launches Design Services in Canada and UK


One of the best marketing, branding and design companies in the country has expanded its services.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, Aug 9, 2021 / – Representatives of The Business Toolkit today announced the official launch of its design services in Canada and the United Kingdom (UK).

“We’re very excited about this,” said Stefan Jugmohan, CEO of The Business Toolkit, a company specializing in transforming startups into Fortune 500 companies.

“Our specialization is our hands-on approach to ensuring that our client’s vision is achieved with the highest level of direct communication, satisfaction and reliability,” stressed Jugmohan.

Regarding the launch of The Business Toolkit’s design services in Canada and UK, Jugmohan explained that his services include logo design, logo animation (motion graphics), product packaging ( labels, book covers, front and back product packaging with barcodes, and more), marketing materials, social media marketing, and web development.

As for how customers rate The Business Toolkit’s services, one customer identified as Josh A. Nash strongly recommends them.

“These guys call you up and talk whatever you want,” he said before adding, “They listen to your every word and give you exactly what you ask for. I had some logos made from you. company; three different logos per company and only charged a small fee for a perfect result. I am 100 percent satisfied. My company is not done with Toolkit. It doesn’t get better than this .

A second client, Lily Hachar, rated The Business Toolkit’s services as excellent and recommended the company to anyone in need of a design job.

“They have great customer service; they are very friendly and professional. And Adriel was very helpful and hesitant. I highly recommend them, ”said Hachar.

But they’re not the only ones to rave about The Business Toolkit’s services. A third customer identified as Sammuel Smith, has also given his consent.

“I highly recommend this company for logos,” Smith said. “They not only got mine correctly on the first try, but they made me jump out of the water with how well it came out.”

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About the Business Toolkit

The Business Toolkit is a US based company aiming to equip businesses with a wide range of cutting edge branding concepts / designs to dominate their respective industries and markets.

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