Mental wellness and body positivity champion joins beauty incubator, The Center, to launch inclusive body and personal care brand

LOS ANGELES, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Model, influencer and entrepreneur Iskra Lawrence joins brand incubator, The Center, announcing the launch of her new body care brand, Saltair. The skin-care-inspired body care brand is designed for everyday movement, awakening the skin and the senses with exotic herbs and advanced skin-loving ingredients, allowing everyone a daily ritual of self-care.

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Saltair launches body cleansing serums followed by hydrating body lotions inspired and infused with exotic beach-inspired ingredients meant to celebrate all skin tones, body types and genders. As the brand’s motto says: “Everybody is welcome here. “

“In a world where we’re told we’re never enough, a daily ritual of self-love is essential. Even though it’s the 5 minutes of peace and quiet in the shower, everyone deserves these little ones. luxuries. That’s why we created Saltair, to cherish those everyday moments and turn them into something special and not mundane. With skincare benefits and beautiful, evocative scents, our products are a luxury affordable with inclusion at heart. Finally, everyone is welcome and we look forward to improving your daily body care experience. ” Iskra Laurent, Founder

Saltair uses effective skin care ingredients and natural plants and has eliminated questionable materials, preservatives and common skin irritants. In addition, the focus on sustainability is a priority. Saltair’s ingredients and packaging materials are designed to reduce environmental impact, as highlighted by the 100% recycled aluminum bottle packaging found in body wash serums and lotions. moisturizers for the body and in the packaging properties of upcoming product launches.

Saltair joins The centerthe brand portfolio of, which also includes Naturium, MAKE Beauty and PHLUR and is available at

About the products

Saltair Serum Body Wash (17oz / $ 11.99) are available immediately and are composed of care active ingredients and exotic natural ingredients, available in 7 fragrances (Santal Bloom, Island Orchid, Lush Greens, Fragrance Free, Exotic Pulp, Black Tide, Lagoona). The cleaners are packaged in 100% recycled aluminum bottles.

Saltair Moisturizing Body Lotions (14oz / $ 13.99) will follow soon and are composed of care actives and exotic natural ingredients, also available in 7 scents such as Serum Body Cleansers (Santal Bloom, Island Orchid, Lush Greens, Fragrance Free, Exotic Pulp, Black Tide, Lagoona – 100 % recycled aluminum bottles.


A mom to one and champion of mental well-being and personal care, Iskra Laurent has built an organic and dedicated following of over six million people on their social networks. She is the founder of the Self-Funding Planner, a tool she created to help people invest in themselves. Brand Ambassador for both the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and L’Oréal for The Prince’s Trust, Iskra has become “the millennium poster for positivity” (Harper’s Bazaar UK, 2018).

Originally from the UK, Iskra pursued her modeling career from an early age. After being told she was “too tall” or “not tall enough,” Iskra has devoted her career to promoting a positive image of women in the media. With unwavering positivity and transparency, Iskra shares the story of her journey to self-love across a multitude of media platforms, as well as in-person lectures and symposia across the globe. His candid discussions constantly disrupt societal norms and inspire millions of people, drawing him to Forbes Europe 30 Under 30 (2019) and BBC World’s 100 Most Influential Women (2016).

With a recent foray into production, Iskra has garnered considerable attention for his Facebook Watch series, The Mirror Challenge. The show reached over four million viewers, unboxing issues such as dealing with infertility and finding inner strength in the face of bullying.

Iskra’s continued advocacy for diversity in media along with its emphasis on mental and physical well-being has made Iskra a go-to for those looking for an authentic, uplifting message and contagious empowerment.

The Center creates and develops compelling and highly commercial brands in the field of beauty and wellness, bringing together an experienced and agile team of strategic and operational experts with a proven track record in building leading consumer goods companies. on the market. A thorough understanding of forecasting consumer trends underscores the Centre’s ability to create, define and market beauty brands. Additionally, the Centre’s management of testing, manufacturing and distribution adds value throughout the product lifecycle. Within the Centre’s vertical ecosystem, the centralized shared services platform identifies trends and efficiencies to be shared across their entire brand portfolio.

Photos courtesy of Saltair

Photos courtesy of Saltair

Photos courtesy of Saltair

Photos courtesy of Saltair

Photos courtesy of Saltair

Photos courtesy of Saltair



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