The Russian Dairy Union has proposed to introduce public distribution of cardboard


Soyuzmoloko, the Russian milk producers’ union, has proposed to the government to distribute the food carton produced in the country to packers. The proposal was made on June 9 at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Land Issues.

As explained on the Soyuzmoloko site, having information on projected cardboard production volumes would make it easier for packaging manufacturers to plan their business and negotiate with buyers. There have already been cases where delivery of agreed carton volumes has not been confirmed to packaging manufacturers, the union says.

Problems with food packaging emerged after the adoption of the EU’s fifth sanctions package, which entered into force on April 9. Products from Swedish packaging maker Tetra Pak also fell under the restrictions. The company localized its production in Russia, but for normal operation it is necessary to supply imported packaging materials and components. At the beginning of June, Tetra Pak asked the Swedish National Board of Trade to make an exception due to the social importance of the company’s products and to allow shipments, but this was refused.

Up to 50% of the laminated cardboard used for the food industry was imported into Russia. In general, there is a shortage of about 30% of cardboard in the country.


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