Wendy’s will start using more easily recyclable cups


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Wendy’s wants you to recycle their cups.

The Dublin, Ohio-based burger chain said on Wednesday it would start serving drinks in clear plastic cups early next year.

The company said single-substrate cups will be more easily recycled than its plastic-lined paper cups. Wendy’s has worked with plastic packaging companies Berry Global and LyondellBasell on cups, which get 20% of their plastic from recycled materials.

Wendy’s said it will start using the tall cups made from more recycled plastic in the United States and Canada in early 2022. All cups will use recycled plastic in 2023. The company said it should be able to increase the amount of recycled plastic in their cups. overtime.

The company said it was working with Berry to expand its use of recycled plastic in its cups and expects to divert 10 million pounds of waste from landfills in the program’s first two years.

The move comes as more and more restaurant chains strive to increase the sustainability of their sourcing on everything from packaging to beef. Wednesday Panera Bread said it would be ‘climate positive’ by 2050 while McDonald’s and Burger King have pledged to phase out emissions by then.

A number of chains have also started modifying their packaging to make it more recyclable and reusable. Wendy’s, for example, has joined Closed Loop Partners, an industry-wide collaboration to accelerate the use of commercially viable circular packaging options. The chain is also committed to sourcing sustainably for all its packaging by 2026.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of single-use waste, and we want to do our part as a leader in the fast food industry to provide more sustainable options,” said Liliana Esposito, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainable Development at Wendy’s. in a report.


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