Who is the funny black guy on TikTok?


Who is the Funny Black Guy on TikTok? It’s a question that pops up in our minds when we scroll through social media. There is one content creator in particular popping up all over the place these days. Basically we can all understand that this guy is from Tiktok. But in the midst of growing popularity, he also came to Instagram. And this already famous personality quickly became very popular on Instagram as well. Therefore, his growing popularity even led him to meet Argentinian football star Paulo Dybala. Yeah, you must have guessed it by now, who we’re talking about. So, in this article, we will cover everything we know about Tiktoker.

On the Internet, there are several videos illustrating the daily “life hacks” that are supposed to make our lives easier. We all saw them and wondered, isn’t that just stupid? Isn’t there a better way to do it out there? Who would even do that? And bringing all of these thoughts into physical form is the task the Tiktoker has taken on. These videos are pretty hilarious and would instantly make you like its content. It’s not just because they’re creative, but also because they’re so relevant. While we all have similar reactions to “Life Hacks,” seeing them openly posted on the internet is the appealing side of its content. This creator made us realize that most of us find these “Life Hacks” stupid and only need a source to express it. So, without further ado, let’s see, who’s the funny black guy on Tiktok?

Khabane Lame doesn’t care about pizzas made differently.

Who is the funny black guy on Tiktok?

Tiktok’s Funny Black Guy is Khabane Lame. He’s a 21-year-old African-American Tiktoker living in Italy. Khabane is known in TikTok as @ khaby.lame, while on Instagram, her username is @ khaby00. He amassed a huge fan, after 81.5 million followers and 1 billion likes on TikTok. Meanwhile, on Instagram, the Tiktoker has a total of 27.5 million followers. He was a young Senegalese factory worker but lost his job due to the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, six days after her 21st birthday, Khabane uploaded her first Tiktok video under the username @lamekhabane. This was not changed until later to @ khaby.lame. Luckily for him, it kicked off his career as a content creator on Tiktok. And now he doesn’t have to go back to his tedious postman job.

Who is the funny black guy on TikTok?

Khabane Lame meets Paulo Dybala.

Khabane Lame has lived in Italy since the age of one. And even so far he has not been able to obtain Italian citizenship. And while his growing popularity earns him an income, he has other career plans for the future. He currently has a net worth of around $ 300,000 to $ 500,000 and plans to help his family earn money. On top of that, he has an Italian girlfriend, Zaira Nucci, but little is known about her. Finally, he is a fan of Juventus Football Club, and his popularity has helped him meet Juventus star man Paulo Dybala.

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What does Khabane Lame do in his videos?

Essentially, Khabane Lame videos use Tiktok’s duet and stitch feature. Here he would react to a particular “Life Hack” that he found. Then, after seeing the Strange Life Hack that no one would use, Khabane displays an easier way to accomplish the stated task. While that doesn’t sound interesting enough on its own, Khabane’s reactions and facial expressions are what makes the magic happen.

For example, one of his last videos started with an apparent “Life Hack” for opening a packet of milk tetra to make it easier for you to pour the milk. This method was completely absurd because it led to opening a large passage to pour the milk, making it overflow everywhere. Next, we see Khabane himself showing you a much easier way to cut the tetra pack. Moreover, he even pours a cup of milk to show the legitimacy of his method. Well, it doesn’t really have to be, because it’s common sense. However, seeing such videos being made begs the question of whether people really lack common sense or whether the content itself was ironically created.

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